Everyday HeroEveryday Hero

By Kathleen Cherry

ISBN: 978-1459809826

Available now.

Published by Orca Book Publishers

Alice doesn’t like noise, smells or strangers. She does like rules. Lots of rules. Nobody at her new school knows she has Asperger’s, so it doesn’t take long for her odd behavior to get her into trouble. When she meets Megan in detention, she doesn’t know what to make of her. Megan doesn’t smell, she’s not terribly noisy, and she’s not exactly a stranger, but is she a friend? Megan seems fearless to Alice—but also angry or maybe sad. Alice isn’t sure which. When Megan decides to run away, Alice resolves to help her friend, no matter how many rules she has to break or how bad it makes her feel.

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Accolades for Everyday Hero

Silver Birch Winner for the Forest of Trees Sault Ste Marie Regional Contest

Honour Book for the B.C. Book Prizes

Red Cedar Award and the Hackmatack Awards Nominee

2018 16th Annual Chocolate Lily Award Nominee

Praise for Everyday Hero

“Insightful and sometimes moving, Alice’s evolving coming-of-age provides a perceptive exploration of unexpected friendship in the face of disability.” Read More

-Review by Kirkus Reviews

“While the short sentences and straightforward plot present this book as a story for younger readers, its characterization of Megan, a girl abused by her stepfather, may resonate more clearly with ages 10 to 12. Older children and adults, however, will overlook the intended audience in favour of the delightfully fresh perspective Alice provides.” Read More

-Review by: Bev Brenna, a Saskatchewan university professor and writer whose trilogy about a teen with Asperger’s Syndrome has earned a variety of accolades.

“Alice’s first-person-narrative offers a close look at the interior thoughts of a character with Asperger’s, which may be illuminating to readers, while the central plot—Megan’s troubled home life and plan to runaway—compellingly drives the story forward.” Read More

-Review by Suanne Roush at Booklist Online.

An Interview with Kathleen Cherry and More About Everyday Hero

Everday Hero Interview

Click to watch an interview with the author at Orca Book Publishers

Blowing BubblesBlowing Bubbles

By Kathleen Cherry

Illustrated by Jill Quinn Babcock

ISBN: 978-0-9879947-0-7

Released December 2012

Published by Aaspirations Publishing

A picture book that helps children cope with illness and aging.

Josh and Grandpa George always have fun. They go on excursions! They race go-karts and ride roller coasters. Until one day everything changes…

“Blowing Bubbles explores how the relationship between a boy and his grandfather changes and strengthens after Grandpa George has a stroke,” the author, Kathleen Cherry, explains. Cherry, an elementary school counselor, uses books in her work with children. “There are many fantastic picture books which help children cope with death, but few are available which focus on the changes which occur through illness and aging.” But FUN, Cherry emphasizes, is the most important element in Blowing Bubbles. “Kids will love it. It’s about bubble gum and go-karts and family and laughter. It’s a really entertaining read with wonderful illustrations.”

Praise for Blowing Bubbles

This Canadian picture book tells the story of Grandpa George, who likes roller coasters, and speed boats, and go-karts, and blows the best bubble gum bubbles ever. His grandson, Josh, loves spending time with him, but when Grandpa George has a stroke, Josh hates seeing him in the hospital. Read More

-Review by: Helen Wilding Cook, the Children’s Collection Development Co-ordinator at Library Bound Inc

Josh has a grandpa who was “born to speed.” (It even says so on the back of his windbreaker.) And that’s not all. Grandpa George can blow bubble gum bubbles that pretty much belong in a museum.

Grandpa takes Josh on roller coasters and speedboats and even go-carts. You could pretty much say that Josh is developing his own need for speed, when he comes home from school one day to find his mom with sad news to report. Read More

-Review by: Steve Baranciks, Best Children’s Books

I recently read a wonderful new book by Kathleen Cherry called Blowing Bubbles. The story is about a boy, Josh, and his grandfather; they love to go on excursions, like riding roller coasters and racing go-karts. They have a great relationship until one day, Grandpa George has a stroke. Read More

-Review by: Marissa Rex – Elementary School Counseling.Org

In Blowing Bubbles, Kathleen Cherry’s text and Jill Quinn Babcock’s illustrations combine to portray, honestly and accurately, the uncertainty a child feels when a family member becomes seriously ill.

Josh’s thrill-seeking Grandpa George introduces him to roller coasters, speedboats, and go-carts during their weekly outings. Grandpa calls these adventures their “excursions” and punctuates each outing by blowing “a huge shiny pink balloon of gum” deemed “just right” by Josh each time. The routine of their relationship is disrupted when Grandpa George suffers an incapacitating stroke, and Josh must find a way to preserve their close bond. Read More

-Review by: Clarion Review

Josh and his Grandpa George have a close relationship and enjoy many adventurous excursions together, including thrilling roller coaster rides and fast go-kart races. Grandpa George has a “go-get-’em” attitude (“I don’t want to look at the sea- I want to feel it”) and a talent for blowing great big bubblegum bubbles. When George suffers a sudden stroke, Josh struggles to understand the changes in his beloved grandfather. Read More

-Review by: CM Magazine Review

Blowing Bubbles, written by BC school counsellor Kathleen Cherry and illustrated by jill Quinn Babcock, tells the story of josh and his Grandpa George’s many exciting adventures-riding a roller coaster, renting a speedboat and racing go-carts. Grandpa George celebrates the end of each adventure by blowing a perfect shiny pink bubble. Read More

-Review by: Alberta Counselletter

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