Authors Become Rock Stars at the Forest of Reading Festival

Children's Author Kathleen Cherry at the Festival of Trees

At the Festival of Reading today!

Forest of Reading Festival today proved to be one of the most exciting and surreal events I have experienced – you know – like one of those movies where the character’s life has been dramatically altered in some way. The organizers promised me the rock star experience and they didn’t lie. Imagine a stage and tent crammed with students while the M.C enthusiastically encouraged them to show their appreciation with cheers and claps. Authors becoming rock stars! Cool!

Children's Author Kathleen Cherry at the Festival of Trees

Forest of Reading

And huge thanks to my awesome introduction from grade 6 student Gurnoor Sahota and sign carrier Charlotte Thomson-Daze (yup – I got my own sign carrier!)

Children's author Kathleen Cherry is asked to sign a Blue Jays cap.

Signing a Blue Jays cap – this is the true measure of fame!

And then there was the autographing table and the wonderful students who waited so patiently for autographs.

Everyday Hero didn’t win but turning kids on to reading and making rockstars our of authors makes winners of us all! Big congrats to Silver Birch winner OCDaniel by Wesley King and to Shetland Chmakova and Kevin Sands whose books were named as Honour books.

Children's author Kathleen Cherry at the Forest of Reading Festival

There were more buses at the festival than in all of Northern B.C.

As well, I cannot imagine the level of work and organization required to co-ordinate and organize an event of this magnitude! The Ontario Library Association is also a rock star in my book.

Meanwhile, I think it will be an early night. The rock star existence can be a tad exhausting but pretty cool as well!